Etobicoke North Fundraiser Lunch

May 22, 2019

On May 19, Sarabjit Kaur, federal candidate for the Etobicoke North Riding, held a fundraiser lunch to support her campaign.

Fundraiser_1.jpgSarabjit Kaur’s daughter, Daya, managed reception and processed donations

The event had a huge turnout, and saw representation from many groups in attendance, such as The Sikh Motorcycle Club of Ontario. Distinguished Progressive Conservative candidates and guests were also present: Prabmeet Singh Sarkaria, MPP for Brampton South; Ramandeep Singh Brar, MP candidate for Brampton South; Zia Choudhary, MP candidate for Toronto-Danforth; and Iftikhar Choudhry, MP candidate for Humber River-Black Creek; City Councillor Harkirat Singh and Regional Councillor Gurpreet Dhillon.

Fundraiser_2.jpgThe event saw a large turnout, with attendance from conservative candidates from other ridings, and Premier Doug Ford.

Kerry Lee, former Juno-nominated journalist with CBC at 99.1, and current radio host at 98.7 FM  proved an entertaining and engaging MC throughout the event, facilitating speeches from Jai Bhatti, president of Etobicoke North Riding Association, our very own candidate Sarabjit Kaur, and finally, Doug Ford himself.

Jai Bhatti, President of the Etobicoke North Conservative Association of over six years, spoke about the history of Etobicoke North, covering its multicultural diversity and its being the birthplace of FordNation. He elaborated on the uses and process of donation dollars, and spoke to the importance of rallying support around candidate Sarabjit Kaur to better the community.

Jai Bhatti went into the specifics of tax credits for donation support.

After Bhatti, Etobicoke North candidate Sarabjit Kaur took the stage and spoke passionately on the struggles faced by the middle class families; struggles that often go unconsidered. Kaur spoke of the financial difficulties faced by members of the Etobicoke North community: recalling stories of constituents who had to wear winter clothes indoors, unable to pay their heating bills; of seniors who have to continue to work because of the increasing price of living; of many others who make barely enough to get by, let alone get ahead, and are woefully unprepared for emergencies.

Fundraiser_4_cropped.jpgSarabjit Kaur spoke of the unconsidered difficulties faced by the middle class.

Kaur’s campaign is built around leaving more money in the pockets of taxpayers. Scrapping the carbon tax, eliminating GST on home heating, and working to reduce government gouging on constituent earnings are all majors points in her vision for a better Etobicoke North Community.

Hon. Premier Doug Ford stepped up right after to reiterate Kaur’s messages, and show his whole hearted support for our candidate, with wishes to see her in Ottawa come October. He highlighted the aims of the PC party: from generating jobs, supporting local businesses, lowering taxes, and ultimately working towards a self sufficient community that supports itself by investing in itself. He shared the troubles faced across Canada; troubles keenly felt in Etobicoke: “We hate when the government is gouging us...when you have more money in your pocket, you’re gonna go out and do things you might not otherwise be able to do.”